Update on Gopher’s Adoption

God always sends me what I need when I need it! With all the sadness during this time, working so hard to try to keep up and dealing with isolation, my days like everyone else's can be challenging. I definitely needed a good thing to happen. We have been blessed with great adoptions and wonderful homes and new families for our dogs.

Today I received an amazing update that made me so happy. Our dog Gopher found an amazing new Dad. Gopher was with us for awhile and he needed a lot of training to become more social. He was fearful at first but his cute silly side won everyone over. He was like the little engine that could or the cowardly lion waiting for his courage. He finally found it with his new Dad. We received some amazing photos and updates and you can just feel the amazing bond they have by looking at the pictures.

Gopher at NYC ACC

Gopher at NYC ACC

Gopher took a village to get him where he is today starting with Rita from NYC ACC who sent me the most pathetic pic of Gopher in the shelter how could I say no.

Then the people that sent their pledges, them my staff who worked with him every day for a little over a year. And then, most importantly, his new Dad who definitely fell in love with Gopher. He listened to our instructions and followed them so Gopher would succeed. This update made my heart feel blessed to be part of this story.

Way to go Gopher and Joey!