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Age: 8 years

Status: available

Gender: Male

Breed: Large Mixed Breed

Spayed/Neutered: No

Special Needs: Yes

Description: Titus has dermatitis likely due to allergies and a moderate-severe stertor which may be due to his obesity or laryngeal paralysis.

Contact: Liz - [email protected]

Titus's Story:

Titus’s story: Titus was surrendered by his family due to the baby in the home unfortunately having bad allergies. They described him as friendly, affectionate, playful, and mellow. He loves tug-of-war, squeaky toys, plush toys, and reportedly loves going for long walks on the beach – what a dreamboat! He’s house trained and well behaved when left alone although can get a little anxious and may whine or bark some.

His loving foster family write, “He’s genuinely one of the most loving and affectionate creatures that I have ever encountered in my life and he LOVES people. His favorite place seems to be wherever we are – and he’s happiest when he has his head in someone’s lap (though he is very respectful if we ask him for space). We have been placing his bed across the room from us every night before we go to sleep, and we have woken up both mornings with him having moved his bed so that it is directly next to ours. He also loves to throw himself at our feet to solicit belly rubs. We have been letting him in our bed and on the furniture for snuggles and pets, but he always waits to be invited and never overstays his welcome (he seems to be most comfortable in his bed or on the floor, as long as he is near us). He knows his name, sit, stay, and come. We gave him an oatmeal bath and while it didn’t seem like his favorite activity, he didn’t put up a fight or show any signs that he was upset. It did seem like he enjoyed the cool water on his itchy places – and his skin has seemed much less red since his bath. He is also the only dog I have ever met who is not interested in peanut butter. We did find that he loves pineapple and strawberries, though! Overall he has been doing much better with dog reactivity, has lost a little weight, is a total joy, a complete goofball, and we are very happy to have him with us.”