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Stormi Lu collage

Stormi Lu

Age: 6 years

Status: available

Gender: Female


Spayed/Neutered: No

Special Needs: Yes

Description: Stormi Lu is overweight, has dermatitis, 2 masses on her back and toe (likely benign), possible arthritis, and stage 2 dental disease. She will need her masses removed for testing and a dental cleaning after adoption.

Contact: Liz - [email protected]

Stormi Lu's Story:

Stormi Lu’s story: Stormi Lu was found tied up as a stray so we unfortunately don’t have any info on her history. Her foster family writes, “Stormi Lu is a total mush and cuddly land seal. She is perfectly house trained and has great inside manners. She’ll let you know when she’s hungry or needs to go potty with sweet stares and grunts. She will politely ask to get on furniture, if told no, she will just sigh and go to her bed. She knows all the basic commands and is extremely treat motivated making her easy to train. She’s not a fan of other dogs and gets spooked by strangers on walks, but she is improving every day! She’s just trying to be protective because she loves her humans so much! Her back legs are not in great shape, so stairs are a bit difficult but other than that, they don’t slow her down. She loves, loves snuggles and naps more than anything. Stormi is a funny, sweet and lazy girl looking for a family to spoil her with love, cuddles and treats.” A volunteer writes, “Hi! Allow me to formally introduce myself to you. I’m Stormi Lu Sassy Pants. My three favorite things are napping, snacks and borking- in no particular order. When it’s nice out, I’ve been known to lay down in a sunspot or on my favorite volunteer’s lap and waste the day away. I’m a big fan of leaning my whole body (I’m a bit of a land seal) against my friends and love to cuddle. I never turn down a good treat and I’m very opinionated! I bork to get your attention. I bork if I haven’t met you yet, and I even bork if I think you might have a snack to share with me, regardless if you actually do or not. And don’t you dare stop petting me, because then you’ll really get a bork! I’m looking for a family who will love my talkative personality and appreciate that I need to be the queen of the castle. Could that be you? Ask to meet me today!”