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Age: 3 years

Status: available

Gender: Male

Breed: Large Mixed Breed

Spayed/Neutered: No

Special Needs: No


Contact: Liz - [email protected]

Snickers's Story:

Snickers’ story: Snickers went on quite an adventure before ultimately being surrendered as a stray. He was initially found wandering around on the boardwalk and decided to follow someone home. They weren’t able to keep him and were asking people if they wanted to give him a home. Another person decided to take him to the police and he was then brought to the care center. He’s in a foster home so we can learn more about his personality! His foster writes, “His name is appropriate. He is chocolate in color, sweet and a little nutty.”

A volunteer writes, “Snickers is perfectly named as he’s sweet, nutty, and always satisfying–nothing boring about this big boy! A force of nature who knows what he likes and goes after it with a passion, Snickers is lot of dog to love and to handle but once you’ve spent time playing fetch with the world’s most enthusiastic partner or shared smushy snuggle time together, I guarantee you’ll adore him as much as I do. He’s no fan of other dogs or sitting on the couch so a single pet home with a very active family would be his ideal match and the more toys, the merrier! What our ebony hunk lacks in genteel manners he makes up for with heartfelt joy and under the guidance of a dog-savvy adopter ready to teach him some new tricks, Snickers will do us all proud.”