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Age: 7 years

Status: available

Gender: Female

Breed: Large Mixed Breed

Spayed/Neutered: No

Special Needs: Yes

Description: Roxie has an umbilical hernia and likely osteoarthritis. She also has moderate dental disease.

Contact: Liz - [email protected]

Roxie's Story:

Roxie’s story: Roxie was taken in by someone when her homeless owner unfortunately wasn’t able to care for her any longer. The person who took her in realized Roxie wasn’t the best fit for her family and surrendered her. She’s in a foster home now so we can learn more about her personality! Roxie’s foster writes, “I’m Roxie, one of the most adoring and warm-hearted dogs out there! I love human attention and interaction, and can’t get enough. I eat really well, slept through every night, walk extremely well, and I can even respond to cues like sit, down, stay, come, up, lets-go, wait and more! I don’t bark, like ever; unless you really really excite me! I also love treats! I don’t have issues staying alone at home, and love going on walks. I’m generally a very relaxed and easy going dog who’s fine minding my own business sleeping while you’re out / working from home. I don’t mind going on the subway, or riding in a car. I enjoy walks and love playing in the dog park every now and again. Did I mention I really like treats? -Roxie”