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Age: 7 years

Status: available

Gender: Male

Breed: Large Mixed Breed

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Special Needs: No


Contact: Liz - [email protected]

Moo's Story:

Moos’ story: Moo was found as a stray and has been spending time in a foster home so we can learn more about his personality! His foster writes, “Moo was named for his coloring, and his cow-like calm demeanor. He’s super affectionate and loving and is always looking to see what we’re doing or where we’re going (he is curled up against us as we type this out). This boy loves pets and attention, and almost always wants to cuddle. He has been very good with our two cats! On walks, Moo loves to sniff everything, and sometimes goes up to strangers for pets.  Moo is a quick learner, and knows basic commands, but has a hard time with “stay” as it means he can’t follow us around and may lose sight of us. He loves his bed, but also loves to curl up between us in ours (this leads to him snoring away as both of us are pushed towards the edge). After about a month we’re seeing his more active and playful side, which is such an adorable and surprising shift from his calm quiet side. He loves to run in the grass, fetch, and play tug of war with his rope toy. Some cute pieces of Moo’s personality are that he will leave peanut butter in the Kong, but loves strawberries. Gets really excited when leaving for a walk so does a jump/crouch move out of the door when it opens. If he’s not cuddling he’s splooting on the floor.”