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Marley (1)


Age: 8 years

Status: available

Gender: Female

Breed: Large Mixed Breed

Spayed/Neutered: No

Special Needs: Yes

Description: Marley has a mass on her right front leg. We recommend removal with histopathology when adopted.

Contact: Liz - [email protected]

Marley's Story:

Marley’s story: Marley was surrendered when her family moved to an apartment that unfortunately doesn’t allow pets. Marley’s foster writes, “I’m your new best friend Marley! Hope you don’t mind snorers, because I’m a big time snorer. In fact I spent most of the day sleeping. Sometimes I smile in my sleep when I feel very safe. Once you’re ready to take me for a walk, I’ll perk right up. While I’m a couch potato at home, I love going for brisk walks around the neighborhood and even running up steps if you’re up for it. I’m also great at ignoring distractions like other dogs and squirrels. When we’re back at home, I’ll rub against you like a cat and lie down for my post-walk butt scratches. My foster mom says it is very entertaining. What can I say, I just go nuts for butt scratchies! My other interests include food, snacks, and treats, not necessarily in that order. I can’t wait to meet you and find my forever home. (But don’t forget to bring the treats when we meet.)”

A volunteer writes, “One look at Marley and I am smitten; she just exudes sweetness. Having lived with her previous family since puppyhood, she is understandably unsure and reserved in this new shelter environment. We hope to see her come out of her shell, but in the meantime we have a heap of loving notes from her previous family that confirm that she is as great as we suspect she is. Marley lost her family when housing issues led them to a home that did not allow her. Here are some of the things they told us about her. Marley lived with an adult but spent a lot of time with 2 young girls. They got along great, and in exchange for belly rubs they let her lick their little toes and sleep with them at night. Her previous family thinks she would be great for someone in need of an emotional support animal. She loves to be talked to and will look at you lovingly. Marley is described as happy go lucky, affectionate with those she knows, and sometimes shy with new people. Our friendly girl also got along with dogs, playing and sniffing politely but should not be around smaller animals like cats and rabbits. Marley loves peanut butter, wet food, and bones, but it can be hard to share your favorite things so she will need some help with resource guarding. As you can see Marley has a growth on her arm. Her previous family took her to a vet that said it was non-cancerous but she will need follow-up veterinary care. Her favorite toys are balls, and while she doesn’t like being left alone at home, she will not destroy anything. Marley also stares at herself in the mirror, we assume because, like us, she can’t believe how cute she is!”