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Domino collage


Age: 8 years

Status: available

Gender: Male

Breed: Large Mixed Breed

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Special Needs: Yes

Description: Domino is obese and has osteoarthritis in his left back leg. He also may have had cruciate surgery done on both knees in the past. He will need long term management of this condition although appears stable. Losing weight will also make him more comfortable.

Contact: Liz - [email protected]

Domino's Story:

Domino’s story: Domino was surrendered in May 2020 due to an incident involving a person breaking into the home with their child. Domino bit the child and Domino’s owner was facing legal action from the person who broke in. Unfortunately the owner was having an incredibly difficult time finding any apartments that would allow Domino to live there and he had no choice but to surrender. He was described by his former owner as a gentle giant, very friendly, preferring calm over energetic people, and that he “loves to be loved”. He will often cuddle up with you to watch TV or lay in bed.

A volunteer writes, “Domino is a such a wonderful dog! Talk about ageing gracefully. As he enters into senior-dog hood, one couldn’t ask for an easier dog to have around a relaxed house. He enjoys slow, luxurious walks around the blocks of Brooklyn eager to check in for treats, and loves his snoozing time at the foot of the bed or next to the tub in the bathroom! He is a very loveable weirdo. As he warms up to you, he quickly becomes a great cuddle buddy, and a calm presence to have around the house. He can be a bit mouthy during playtime, but takes correction very well and is happy to continue playing in other ways. He is so soft and velvety, and loves getting a good dose of petting in as often as possible. He also enjoys having some space to himself, and will go chill on his own when he needs a break. In his foster home, Domino has not displayed any aggression or resource guarding towards adults, and ignores children and other dogs on the street when walking. If you are looking to add a relaxed older gent to your home, Domino would be an extremely cute, great fit for your family. He is very treat motivated and a very, very happy pup. Adopt Domino today!”