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Blue Bayberry collage

Blue Bayberry

Age: 7 years

Status: available

Gender: Male

Breed: Large Mixed Breed

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Special Needs: Yes

Description: Blue Bayberry has dermatitis likely from an underlying allergies, stage 3-4 dental disease, and is overweight. He will need a dental after he's adopted and needs help losing weight.

Contact: Liz - [email protected]

Blue Bayberry's Story:

Blue Bayberry’s story: Blue Bayberry’s former family moved in with their elderly parent in order to take care of them. Unfortunately their parent was allergic to dogs so Blue was brought to ACC. They described Blue as mellow, friendly, affectionate, and a lover of attention. He loves being with his family and will follow them around the home so he can stay close. His favorite games are tug of war and wrestling, and when left alone in the house he’s well behaved. Blue Bayberry also knows the commands for sit, down, stay, go to bed, wait, and paw. Blue Bayberry’s foster family writes, “Blue Bayberry is the biggest chunk of love and happiness you could ask for in a dog! At 7 years young Blue is becoming quite the distinguished gentleman. His favorite activities are doing tricks for treats, sunning himself in a cozy spot, going for long walks, but most of all – cuddling! This big boy loves to snuggle up to his favorite humans and pass out. His deep snores when nuzzled into your lap warm the heart. Blue is fully housebroken and well trained. He knows tricks and commands such as: sit, stay, lay down, paw, come, go-to-your-bed, and “look” to make eye contact. With recent training and love, Blue has overcome a lot in the past few months! Walks used to make him very anxious, and he had a lot of leash/barrier frustration when seeing other pups. Now he walks at your side like a true gentleman! With a proper, slow introduction, Blue would likely be able to live with other furry friends. He has now been able to make some neighborhood dog friends and looks forward to seeing them on our walks. If you are ready to open your home and family to an amazing dog who deserves to find his forever home, look no further than Blue.”