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Babygirl collage SD


Age: 5 years

Status: available

Gender: Female

Breed: Large Mixed Breed

Spayed/Neutered: No

Special Needs: Yes

Description: Babygirl has arthritis in her right hip, a mass on her left shoulder that appears stable at this time, and an asymptomatic heart murmur.

Contact: Liz - [email protected]

Babygirl's Story:

Babygirl’s story: Babygirl’s former owner found her tied up to a tree, so they brought her home to join their family for a wonderful year. Unfortunately last year her owner became homeless and was struggling to find an apartment that would allow her or her doggy sibling to live there. They described her as playful, crate trained, easy to bathe, and very loving. She would often lay her head in her parent’s lap or follow them around the home. Her amazing foster family has taken such good care of her and even made an Instagram account just for her (@babetteisjoyous)! Her foster dad writes, “I’m Babygirl, a joyous middle-aged pup who is trusting and always ready for a game of catch followed by a long afternoon nap. I’m an enthusiastic walker and warm quickly to people, because I’ve figured out how to be patient and obedient when treats are in the vicinity! I would love to be your funny-eared friend for life, and I’m ready for whatever hikes and sofas the world has in store for me. I know to be extremely respectful of items and furniture that do not belong to me. I would do best as a single pet in a home with a lot of mirrors in which I can admire my own beautiful brindle coat. Though I am a little camera-shy, I’m ready with a playbow whenever the (livingroom window) curtain rises. Come see why they call me the Cleopatra of Cuddles and the Sultan of Snugs!”